You can also search like this in the search box, or pass to the API filter. r5,cpu<=16,mem>=16,price<=4

To find server with ssd, but limit cpu, mem, and price range ssd,cpu>=32,cpu<=48,mem>=32,price>=10

To compare 2 or a few instance type, enter the name into the search box: m6a.large,m7g.large,r6a.large

Supported variables: mem cpu price spot_price View More Docs& API 

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curl right from your terminal

$ curl -L '' -H 'accept: json'

$ curl -L ''

$ curl -L ',m5,ssd,mem>=3,mem<=4,vcpu>=2&sort=-price,+cpu'

$ curl -L '<=0.05&sort=-price,+cpu'

$ curl -L '<=0.05&sort=-price,+cpu'

$ curl -L '<=0.05&sort=-price,-mem'